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The New MAKAI M37 in Production

MAKAI Yachts In Production With New Performance Power Catamaran – the MAKAI M37 The New MAKAI M37 in Production MAKAI Yachts has entered the power catamaran market with the new MAKAI M37 premium sports cruiser. Inspired by classic and modern supercars, and designed in Italy by Emanuele Rossi, the boat is under construction on the…

How MAKAI Hulls Are Made

How MAKAI Hulls Are Made

At MAKAI Power Catamarans, we take no shortcuts and use premium materials throughout the construction process. No shortcuts means carefully laying the best materials for the job, and then conducting a vacuum resin infusion process. Our goal at MAKAI is to build the best boat, and for us that means the strongest result, and a finish…



Q-SPD is a unique propulsion solution that departs from the traditional idiosyncrasies and common perceptions about surface drives, bringing modern thinking and technologies into the design and application of a truly new breed of high-performance boat propulsion.” – “Q-SPD is elegantly simple and clean in appearance -the innovative design puts all vulnerable components inboard and away…

Inboard vs Outboard Fuel Efficiency

Today the article is comparing inboard diesel sterndrives vs petrol outboards, with fuel efficiency in mind. While outboards are typically very similar between brands (with an exception of some new low hp electric outboards and now even diesel outboards hitting the market), inboards on the contrary can vary significantly. Firstly, you have a choice of…

Makai M45 Power Catamaran


Introduction The benefits and compromises of owning a power catamaran are usually obvious for different consumers, depending on their circumstances, boating ambitions, and level of experience. However, a rapidly growing number of seasoned boaters are learning the joys of owning a catamaran and end up becoming firm catamaran supporters. We have witnessed amazing changes to…

Makai M37 Production Update

The team at MAKAI are hard at work perfecting every detail of the new M37. As we move through the successive stages of production we’ll be releasing more images and production updates so you can see how this project comes to life!

MAKAI Power Catamarans Enters US Market

S&J Yachts, Maryland-based brokers of fine yachts with offices from Maine to Florida, is now the dealer for the all-new line of Makai Yachts power catamarans. Sharon and Jack Malatich, owners of S&J Yachts, see Power Catamarans increasing popularity and believe that Makai Power Cats set the new standard for performance, comfort, and forward-looking styling – Redefining the power catamaran for the modern boater. “We are tremendously proud to be working with Makai and look forward to helping boaters enjoy these game-changing catamarans.”