MAKAI Power Catamarans set a new standard in performance and comfort to redefine the catamaran for the modern boater. Technologically advanced and fuel efficient, these power catamarans with inboard engines deliver stunning speed, abundant hot water, and electrical power for all of the modern necessities. By eliminating outboard engines from the transom areas, they offer spacious lounging, broad swimming platforms, the safety of swimming further from propellers, and best of all the unspoilt sweeping lines of our Italian design. Once you have tried a power catamaran, a monohull will never again suffice, and we encourage you to contact our catamaran experts to discover the full list of advantages on offer in a MAKAI.

The MAKAI M37 is an innovative sports cruiser designed in Italy and built in Croatia – on the doorstep of the world’s largest boating markets and on shipping routes to every major continent. It is a perfect boat for new and experienced boaters alike, who wish to maximize their cruising experience. The M37 is as spacious and stable as a much larger vessel, with the maneuverability and versatility of a smaller boat. The unique M37 interior features stylish, private cabins with ensuite heads with separate showers in each hull – ideal for taking family and friends on an escape to remember. The MAKAI M37 can cruise long distances efficiently thanks to the innovative catamaran hull design, and unique integration of Q-SPD surface drive propulsion on a catamaran of this size.

The MAKAI brand is run by a diverse international team that has over 20 years of experience in the boating industry, with a focus on catamarans, developing fuel efficient boating and innovation. The team combined their expertise and partnered with Italian Sports Boat Designer Emanuele Rossi to deliver an innovative power catamaran that re-defines the market and allows all to experience the true pleasures of boating.

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