The Southerly swing keel system opens up a world of possibilities denied to most yachts

Today, there are over 1,100 Southerly Owners worldwide who can testify to the remarkable versatility of the Variable Draft Keel system (swing keel) which fulfils most people’s idea of the perfect yacht: one that has a deep draft for powerful sailing performance, yet a shallow draft for exploring shallow creeks and inland waterways. Southerly’s have covered many thousands of miles, including transatlantic and round-the-world voyages.

Deep Draft Performance

The Variable Draft Keel provides a deep draft which gives a greater stability due to the increased righting moment. In practice the boat is stiffer, carries her sail better and carves her way efficiently to windward in any seaway. The Variable Draft Keel’s aerofoil shape is highly efficient – and allows you to point high (30°) with minimal leeway.

Shallow Draft Freedom

At the touch of a button, the keel can be raised, to sail in very shallow waters. This means you can extend your cruising grounds considerably. Raising the Variable Draft Keel, gives you access to many locations both for pleasure and for safety.

Southerly Swing Keel
“It delivers the best of both worlds…When you’re out in the ocean, you want a boat that can handle waves and big seas. But the best part of the cruising life is at the edges where water meets land. The Southerly will take you to both of those places. With the keel down, you’ve got 11 feet under you and all the pointing ability that goes with that. So it’s a deepwater boat but also one you can dry out. It can go places most cruising boats can’t ever go. So the world is very, very opened up” – Read full article: Southerly 540 Wins Cruising World Boat of the Year for Best Full Size Cruiser