Catamaran Efficiency Applied to a Big Boat

The natural form stability of a catamaran means the M45 requires no expensive and space-consuming stabiliser. This 45-footer is as peaceful at anchor as a much larger monohull, while also having low draft and easier maintenance.

Twin IPS500 engines deliver class-leading performance. Their forward-facing propellers and electronic controls provide precise low speed maneuverability, “skyhook positioning or virtual anchoring”, as well as drastic performance improvements including; 20% increase in top speed, 40% increase in cruising range, 30% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. There is no need for expensive and service-demanding bow thrusters.

The M45 is uniquely designed to deliver enormous range, with the comfort requisite to make long journeys a pleasure. Optimized to operate at 1,800-2,000 RPM, in harmony with the strengths of IPS engines, and also to operate on one engine for long periods, the M45 frees cruisers from the stress of constantly watching the fuel gauge and finding fuel docks. The enormous saloon and cockpit hold months’ worth of food and drinks supplies in premium comfort.

The MAKAI Power Catamaran Air-Glide* shock absorbing system increases the boat’s efficiency proportionally with speed. That means no more bumpy rides out to your favorite reef and no more slamming over oncoming swells–speed does not come at the sacrifice of comfort.

Unique, asymmetrical hulls draw air under the wing to create high pressure between the hulls and low pressure outside of the hulls.

This innovative tunnel design forces air through the open bows of the catamaran–channeling a mixture of air and water into the tunnel between the two hulls. As this air/water mixture progresses through the narrowing tunnel, it increases velocity and is compressed into a high-pressure air cushion. This cushion provides upward lift on the hull transom extension and provides the desired cushioning effect when riding over oncoming waves.

The Tunnel Extension aft of the catamaran hulls lengthens the tunnels’ effective operating size providing lift directly over the propellers and countering the pitching effect of the drives. This provides a seamless transition from the catamaran’s twin hulls to the swim deck and eliminates resistance from prop wash or tunnel wake.

Asymmetric catamaran hulls produce the lowest drag and therefore the greatest speeds and fuel efficiency. Symmetrical hulls by contrast, sacrifice both speed and efficiency for comfort. MAKAI has designed a hybrid of these two power catamaran philosophies to pioneer a semi-asymmetric hull shape delivering a carefully optimized balance of speed, comfort and fuel economy.

Catamarans provide enhanced comfort over monohulls. Wide beam, enormous living space and an extremely stable stance–now MAKAI has taken this proven concept to the next level with our Air-Glide* power catamaran design.

*Specific power catamaran design features, when combined with advanced naval architecture deliver the smoothest ride you will find.

The M45 is the only boat in its class to offer premium textiles and joinery throughout. Paints come with a 5-year guarantee against fading and are offered in a range of metallic and gloss options to make every M45 unique.

Our experienced team recognizes the need for owners to personalize their boat and our options list features everything from hydraulic swim platforms to smart device integration. Tailoring your M45 catamaran can be as fun as driving it. MAKAI Catamarans use the latest technologies to make boating more fun now, but with the future in mind as well. Consider the scalable electronics options–with additional displays, fishfinders, scanners, cameras, and even integrated night vision capabilities.


LOA 45' 1"
Hull Length 45' 1"
Beam 21' 0"
Draft 2' 5"
Water Capacity 200 gallons
Fuel Capacity 275 gallons
Displacement 28,580 lbs
CE Category B
Max Persons 10
Engines, Standard 2x IPS 400hp
Engines, Optional 2x IPS 500hp
Max Speed 26 knots
Design ERYD Design


Layout and Technical