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“A pleasure to be aboard in every sense of the word,” writes Adam Cort about the all-new Island Packet 349. “Belowdecks, topside, on the hook or under sail,” writes Cort in the February 2019 issue of SAIL Magazine, “I liked this boat a lot.”

Some other takeaways from the SAIL Magazine review of the IP 349:

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  • “Takes the Island Packet style of sailing performance to a new level”
  • “The list of nice touches aboard the Island Packet 349 goes on and on.  is is a true “sailor’s boat” throughout, and it shows”
  • “Wonderfully spacious”
  • “And were soon doing 3.5 knots at a 50 degree apparent wind angle, generating all of 9 knots of apparent wind out of seemingly nothing”
  • “A boat that sails equally well in all conditions”
  • “The boat will also not only stand up to a blow, but provide a nice seakindly motion as it does so—the mark of a true seagoing cruiser”

And during his test sail, Cort even got to experience the new performance capabilities of the Island Packet 349 writing, “At one point we actually found ourselves drag-racing a similarly sized lightweight European model and coming out the winner.”

Clearly Cort and SAIL Magazine are impressed by the 349 and what it means for Island Packet. “We’ll likely be seeing a lot more of the company in the years to come,” gushed Cort.

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