Makai Power Catamarans

MAKAI Power Catamarans set a new standard in performance and comfort to redefine the catamaran for the modern boater. Technologically advanced and fuel efficient, these power catamarans with inboard engines deliver stunning speed, abundant hot water, and electrical power for all of the modern necessities. By eliminating outboard engines from the transom areas, they offer spacious lounging, broad swimming platforms, the safety of swimming further from propellers, and best of all the unspoilt sweeping lines of our Italian design. Once you have tried a power catamaran, a monohull will never again suffice, and we encourage you to contact our catamaran experts to discover the full list of advantages on offer in a MAKAI Power Catamaran.

Makai’s mission is to build the boats that you want, and others can't.

Get ready for a Game Changer – Summer 2021

Makai Yachts is entering the power catamaran market with the innovative new M37 and M45 models. Makai is changing the game for boat owners around the globe, offering exquisite craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and revolutionary hull design.

The team of Makai founders have decades of experience at the very top levels of the catamaran industry, and combining their expertise with the Italian design powerhouse Emanuele Rossi of EYRD Design, Makai is the epitome of stunning lines, luxury interiors, and exceptional performance.

The M37 arrives first and is ready to redefine the market. The perfect vessel for new and experienced boaters alike, with its core fuel efficiency provided by the asymmetric hull design enhances existing multihull benefits, giving the most spacious and comfortable cruising experience available. The unrivalled form stability and lateral space inherent to multihulls, assures the most tranquil times at anchor as well as a steady passage whilst underway.

All Makai models are made for the modern world, with environmental measures taken at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the boats will be aligned with our green values. With unparalleled fuel efficiency, the MAKAI M37 is a boat for the future.

The M37 is well-suited to week long trips with spacious, private cabins in each hull and unprecedented fridge capacity – ideal to take a family or group of friends away to escape the travel restrictions and enjoy the pure bliss of time on the water in a Makai. The M45 delivers the range and capabilities of a true liveaboard boat – a boat for year-round adventures.

Makai presents revolutionary boats, for our new and changing world.