Nicole has been a world traveler and a lover of water sports since an early age and has used every opportunity to expand her understanding of the yachting industry. Growing up as a commercial airline brat she learned to appreciate cultures and customs from around the globe. Her love of the water and sense of adventure led her to join the US Navy where she spent 18 months working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier as an avionics electrician on Black Hawks for two tours to the Persian Gulf. During this time she was able to explore Bahrain, Singapore, the Ko Phi Phi Lee Islands of Thailand, swam with elephants in Kuala Lumpur, went off-roading in the dunes of Dubai, and scuba dived in Kota Kinabalu. Returning to the US, she finished her college degree in Pre-Physical Therapy at San Diego State. While living in Washington State, she took the ASA Sailing Program to better enjoy the beauty of sail. Spending time in the Mediterranean, especially around Sardinia, Nicole was taken with the large sail and power yachts traveling from around the globe and went to Fort Lauderdale to get certifications to work on yachts including the Approved Engine Course 1 and 2 certifications. To gain more sailing experience, she joined a crew on an Oyster 55 going from Namibia to the Caribbean only to get stopped on St. Helena Island for four months when the global pandemic caused shutdowns for international travel. Nicole’s enthusiasm for boating and adventure is contagious and her technical and mechanical knowledge will be a huge benefit to her clients.

Nicole Frisbie S&J Yachts Broker Ft Lauderdale

Nicole Frisbie
Fort Lauderdale, FL

C: 754-252-9988
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