Mr. Joshua Simcox’s past professional experience includes over 20 years in the maritime industry including international trade and transportation, financing, design and construction of numerous maritime assets and vessels. Additionally, Mr. Simcox currently is the President of his family’s privately-held Oil & Gas company- SIMCOX OIL CO, established in 1952 as PIONEER OIL CO by his grandfather Howard G. Simcox. SIMCOX OIL CO is positioned today as a known, Multi-generational Over-Riding Royalty (ORR) holder of mineral rights in what is now called the Bakken Reserve. Mr. Simcox spent 17 years as a United States Naval Officer and was a federal Academy graduate from KINGS POINT, USMMA. Mr Simcox retains numerous “senior level” banking, military, and governmental relationships. His personal and professional affiliations have included OCEAN COUNCIL Board membership of OCEANA, Advisor and board member for a renowned “WORLD PEACE ADVOCACY” organization, senior advisor to both WALKER ENERGY INTERNATIONAL (Bush Family Energy Consulting group) and MENA DEVELOPMENT (Middle East North Africa) Energy Group. For the last 6+ years he has been involved in several USG Contracting projects that were tied to the United Nations (UN), the International Criminal Court (ICC), DOJ and US Treasury. His travels have put him on every continent, countless countries, and in the company and confidence of world leaders, private financial superpowers and countless financial giants in their respective fields. If the traditional yacht broker “used car salesman” mentality just doesn’t seem to be the right avenue for your yachting needs….try something that is singularly unique in the entire world superyacht and asset markets.

In the world of success….money talks but WEALTH whispers!

Joshua Simcox Director of International Superyachts S&J Yachts

Joshua Simcox
Fort Lauderdale, FL

C: 954-661-5674