Joshua Simcox is a graduate of Kings Point Federal Academy which launched his maritime career as an Unlimited Tonnage ships officer over 25 years ago. He served many years as a large-yacht captain, which has given him the unique ability to anticipate his clients’ needs as well as answer their technical questions with meticulous and uncommon expertise. He is described as knowledgeable, honorable, and genuine.

Joshua always looks out for his client’s best interests. Whether his clients are looking to sell an older yacht or buy and build the Superyacht of their dreams, he makes the experience enjoyable, stress-free, and financially metered and managed to its parameters.

Joshua has integrity and passion for all things maritime, which is why his clients recommend him and return time and again. For the customer who feels like they are negotiating through water filled with reefs and rocks…. Joshua is an experienced consultant to have at the helm beside them.

Joshua Simcox Director of International Superyachts S&J Yachts

Joshua Simcox
Fort Lauderdale, FL

C: 954-661-5674