I am very happy to be on the S&J Yachts team. I believe this company brings a level of professionalism I haven’t seen in the industry before.

I became a yacht broker after making my way to Florida on my own boat in 2015. Prior to that, I was a successful real estate agent in Warwick, N.Y. When making my marine purchase I was shocked to see that so many listings were not as appealing or descriptive as the ones we made to sell houses. Knowing it was the same principle, it was then I determined that I could be a valuable asset to the industry and bring something extra to my clients.

I bought my first boat, an Islander 29, in 1999, but it was a hobby and I continued in my professional sales career, which has included negotiating store leases with major shopping malls (when malls were popular) and several years as a national account manager for UV3sunglasses. Working with national clients, which has included sports stadiums, national parks and airport stores has given me experience in negotiation and listening skills which have translated well to helping clients buy and sell their yachts.

I look forward to hearing from you, whether it’s just for advice on boating, living in Florida, or if you’re interested in selling your boat or purchasing a new one.

John Grapek

John Grapek
Cape Coral, FL

C: 239-898-4564
O: 941-909-0010