Buy a new or used Seaward Yacht 26RK or 32RK from S&J Yachts, with offices in Annapolis and Rock Hall, Maryland; Deltaville, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina; or Palmetto, Florida.

Founded in 1973 by Nick Hake, Seaward was created on the principles of solid construction melded to modern design and technology, strong customer relationships and innovation that continually betters the sailing and boat-owning experience. Fundamental to the success of the Seawards is the retracting keel system. Our keels offer the extreme versatility of being able to sail impressively in big winds and rough water. Most impressively, they are able to sail over, rather than around, areas of shallow water. With keels tucked all the way up, our boats can put their bows on a quiet beach and you can go ashore without a dinghy. Our credo at Seaward Yachts is Sail Without Boundaries. With all the benefits and none of the constraints of deep draft, that’s precisely what sailing a Seaward Yacht is about.

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