Chip Cramer

Growing up in New Jersey, New England and San Diego, there had been several opportunities for Chip to catch the sailing bug. But it wasn’t until he moved to Austin, Texas, near the shores of beautiful Lake Travis, that he bought his first sailing dinghy. That boat sparked a passion for boating in general and a deeper love of sailboats, sailing and seamanship. After 30 years of buying, selling and sailing boats of his own, Chip is now anchored down in Stuart, Florida, where some of the finest boats come to enjoy the great water, weather and, of course, the islands. If you’re considering selling your beloved vessel or chasing that dream of sailing off into the blue, give Chip a call to talk about boats and all the possibilities.

Chip Cramer of S&J Yachts can help you sell your yacht or find the boat of your dreams. Chip is based in Stuart, Florida.

Chip Cramer

Stuart, FL


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