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Southerly 57RS

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Southerly 57RS
Southerly 57RS Southerly 57RS
A luxurious blue water performance yacht - built to cross oceans and sneak into shallow coves
with less than 4 feet!

The Southerly 57RS was designed by Ed Dubois and Southerly Yachts design team: 1st to be a no compromise, safe, elegant, world cruising yacht that can easily be sailed by two. 2nd criteria was to make her a powerful and fast sailing yacht that takes full advantage of the trademark Southerly Swing Keel.

When the keel on this 57 ft. yacht is fully up she draws only 3 foot 6 inches and can go places you can only imagine! When fully extended the foil shaped keel reaches a depth of 10 feet 9 inches! Giving you a pointing ability that other cruising yachts can only dream of. In moderate air, sailing at 30% to the wind is what you can expect!

If you wish, all points of sail can be enhanced at the push of a button, tuning the keel depth to achieve maximum performance. To enhance performance even further "Tristan B" has a carbon rig, rod rigging, hydraulic bowsprit and a very high quality sail inventory. All sail handling is push button!

The interior of "Tristan B" is beautifully finished in high quality teak and very well appointed. The raised salon provides panoramic views that the owner and guests can enjoy while dining or sailing. The navigation area is also raised to provide an excellent line of sight from inside the yacht. Further, the very complete electronics suite includes remote auto pilot and full engine controls for those long cold delivery nights.
  • Innovative Design

  • Contemporary Styling

  • Powerful Sailing Performance with a Deep Draft of 10' 9"

  • Freedom to go places with a Shoal Draft of only 3' 6"

  • Superior Build Quality

  • Luxurious Accommodation

    ...are all hallmarks of the Southerly 57RS

To fully appreciate the fine design and quality of "Tristan B"
you need to spend some time aboard. She is conveniently
located right beside our office in Annapolis and we would
be happy to show her to you!

Please contact us now to schedule a private
appointment to inspect this outstanding yacht!

Email S&J Yachts for more information.

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Southerly 57RS
Southerly 57RS

58' 2"'
3' 6" - 10' 9"
17' 1"
Annapolis, MD
Ed Dubois

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